Table Games

Our view on Vegas-style gaming is the same as yours: Action-packed and exciting! We offer a full range of the best table games that offer plenty of ways to win big. It’s time you get off the sidelines and into the game!


Blackjack, or "21," is the most popular casino game as it is a simple contest between you and the dealer. The winner of the hand is the person whose cards add up to the number closest to 21 without going over (if you go over, you bust).



It's easy to find a dice table – just follow all the cheering! Craps is one of the most exciting casino games because there are so many ways to win! The game can be a bit intimidating since it appears that there is so much to remember, but don't hesitate to belly up to the table. Our dealers are happy to help you learn the rules and lingo. It's really quite a simple game to play.



Combine a spinning wheel, fast-paced action and an exchange of chips, and you've got one of the most popular table games on the floor – roulette! Place your chips on one of the numbers on the table. The dealer spins the wheel and then drops the ball onto the wheel as it spins. If the ball lands on the number you placed your chips on, you win!



Based on Five Card Stud Poker where players do not compete against the dealer. Players win if their hands meet or beat a pair of Jacks and earn money based on a payout table.